Improve profits table

Hello uploaders,

Based on several suggestions from several members, we just improving profits table.
More countries to tiers 2 & 3.
Also, improve the profit level.

Thank you for your suggestions.

scubaproturkey   January 15, 2017

just perfect

scubaproturkey   January 21, 2017

Waiting for payment

scubaproturkey   January 21, 2017

thanks for payment

brownman   January 23, 2017

why do all the downloads have Not completed

admin   January 24, 2017

That is not true, after checking all attempts to download your files, It turned out that it completed.

brownman   January 25, 2017

can u increase the file view in folders
trying to unpublish 400 files 20 at a time its taking forever

brownman   January 25, 2017

4000 file sorry

admin   January 25, 2017

We will develop display options soon.

brownman   January 27, 2017


scubaproturkey   January 31, 2017

hello admin i am the man who gives you many advices and ideas
but strangely you dont answer any contact mails
i also brought you 12 referrals
please answer to contact mails
i have good ideas for u

admin   February 1, 2017

We did not receive emails from you recently.

scubaproturkey   February 1, 2017

I SENT 5 mails
no answer my precious boss
please tell me your contact mail adress
i need to talk to you
or first send me mail then i can send forward to there
i love your host and support always

admin   February 1, 2017

Use the contact form.

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